NEWSNOTES | April 19, 2023
News Notes

NEWSNOTES | April 19, 2023

NEWSNOTES | April 19, 2023

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 / Kimberly Taylor

If you are looking to take advantage of the $7,500 federal tax credit for purchasing an electric vehicle, the LA Times is out with the ten vehicles that are eligible for the full amount. An additional seven vehicles qualify for half-credits or $3,750. They are all listed here. Vietnamese EV automaker VinFast is working on bringing a second shipment of 1,879 VF 8 SUVs leaving for the Port of Benicia in California and expected to arrive next month. The shipment fulfills their promise to North American customers for deliveries to the US the first part of this year. 

Enel X Way is an e-mobility subsidiary of global renewable energy giant Enel Group and they have announced their plans to add at least two million EV charge ports in North America by 2030. The company has launched new installation, operations and maintenance, and financing services to accelerate deployment. Rivian is doing its part to expand infrastructure access by making its own charging network available to the public as soon as next year. The company has already added 12 new charging stations and 72 new charging points in the first quarter of this year. 

Walmart is among oh so many industry players heading to Anaheim, California for the upcoming ACT Expo. On Monday of this week the companies first truck powered by renewable natural gas (and an X15N engine by Cummins) left Bentonville, Arkansas for California. 

Ikea’s aim is to have 100 percent zero-emission home deliveries by 2025 and they’ve already started using fully electric trucks for some of their deliveries in Ottawa, Canada. The delivery trucks were made in Canada and were purchased from Lion Electric. In Southern California NFI is expanding its fleet of Class 8 battery electric trucks with 100 dedicated to port drayage by the end of the year. Its OEM partners are Volvo Trucks and Daimler Truck. 

Mark your calendar as the second round of the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) Energy Infrastructure Incentives for Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicles (EnergIIZE) hydrogen funding lane opens for two weeks beginning Monday, April 17. The hydrogen funding lane covers 50% of eligible equipment and software costs for standard projects. 

Before you totally fill up your May calendar, don’t forget to add the CALSTART National Conference which takes place on May 17 at the San Diego Convention Center. Check it out here and note that the early bird price will save you 35% over the late bird option and you have two days to get that rate.



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