Terms and Conditions


Please be sure to complete the credit card payment following the information completion for the membership form.
Please note the Terms and Conditions below, as well as CALSTART contact information.
  • A member year runs from the 1st of the renewal month through the last day of the month preceding the renewal month.
  • Renewal notices are sent via email two months prior to the end of your member year.
  • Member benefits are delivered during your 12 month member year. If payment has not been received by the end of the renewal month, your company will remain on our member roster, but not entitled to benefits, for 30 days.
  • There are no refunds.
  • Members interested in upgrading their member level may do so by contacting CALSTART.
  • Eligibility for participation on the Leadership Circle is reserved for member companies at any level who make an overall investment of $7950 or more in a member year to CALSTART. CALSTART’s Leadership Circle recognizes members who advance the fuel and technology neutral mission by supporting our nonprofit organization. The Leadership Circle gives members the opportunity to be a part of candid discussions with CALSTART executives, staff experts and other policy leaders through two in person meetings per calendar year that focus on vital trends, policy developments and technology advancements.
For general information about CALSTART membership, please contact:
Kimberly Taylor Director Member Services at Ktaylor@CALSTART.org
For information on billing questions, please contact:
Mona Beaudoin, Member and Industry Services Operations Assistan
t at Mbeaudoin@CALSTART.org