Policy Action Groups and Initiative Opportunities

Get involved with CALSTART and fellow members as we work together to create policy that supports changing transportation for good. Please contact Kimberly Taylor Ktaylor@calstart.org or Elizabeth Szulc Eszulc@calstart.org if you are interested. 


CALSTART’s Member Policy Action Groups (PAGs) and Initiatives:
Initiative Fees:
• 1 Initiative $9,000
• 2 Initiatives $13,000
• 3 Initiatives $17,000
Note: Public Agencies 50% off the above pricing structure
Organized around our major initiatives CALSTART provides members with an opportunity to support and help advance our key federal and state policy objectives. Contributing members will be able to participate in one or more PAGs and provide input and direction. CALSTART’s team will coordinate efforts with each of the PAGs and focus on key policy objectives for which there is a significant level of consensus and support among our members.


Current Policy Action Groups Include:
Trucks and Non-Road Equipment
• Federal: National Zero-Emission Truck (ZET) Coalition
• State: CA Advocacy Campaign
• Other States (possible option): Pursue funding and create point-of-sale ZET incentives like what we have in CA and NY
Bus and Innovative Mobility
• Federal: Zero-Emission Bus (ZEB) & Innovative Mobility Coalition
• State: California Zero-Emission Bus Coalition
Fuels and Infrastructure
• Federal: Clean Corridor Campaign Coalition
• State: Coalition for Commercial Electric Vehicles
• CALSTART will engage in key utility proceedings aimed at DC-FC in 3 states: focus on DC-FC make-ready authorizations, rate-design, and incentives.
• Other potential campaigns: As we were able to do so successfully in California, with member funding, we will seek to mobilize our members and get 1-2 other states to adopt Low Carbon Fuel Standards. The current primary targets for 2021 are Washington and New York.



CALSTART Member EV Battery Leadership Initiative
Initiative Fee:
A new coalition to support federal policies is needed to win the global EV market by 2030.
• Build a robust domestic EV battery manufacturing sector and supply chain in North America
• Create tens of thousands of new jobs
• Enhance national security and supply chain resiliency
• Accelerate the advancement of EV battery technology.