NEWSNOTES | April 12, 2023
News Notes

NEWSNOTES | April 12, 2023

NEWSNOTES | April 12, 2023

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 / Kimberly Taylor

The Biden administration has unveiled new tailpipe emissions rules that that would lead to an estimated two-thirds of new light-duty vehicles and nearly half of medium-duty vehicles being electric by 2032. The rules would generate as much as $1.6 trillion in consumer savings and remove 10 billion tons of carbon emissions from the atmosphere by 2055. CALSTART President and CEO John Boesel applauded the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for taking this step and committed to working with EPA and industry partners to ensure the final rules provide the right market signal and support for transitioning the transportation sector.

There’s a lot of discussion around making sure there’s enough charging infrastructure to support electric vehicle (EV) market acceleration. Right on cue Walmart has announced a major EV charging initiative that would result in thousands of EV fast chargers at “thousands” of Walmart and Sam’s Club locations by 2030. 90% of Americans live within ten miles of a Walmart. ABB E-mobility, a leading company in EV charging has announced that its DC fast chargers have been certified by the EPA’s Energy Star program. The certification covers chargers that meet the National Electric Infrastructure Program (NEVI) requirements.

There was a celebration in Sacramento, CA yesterday when PepsiCo’s Sacramento facility became one of the first metropolitan areas in the country to integrate Tesla semitrucks into its operations. Pepsi noted that the truck can drive 400 miles on a one-hour charge. The fleet of 18 semitrucks is expected to eliminate over 1,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas annually.

Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) is placing an order for 25 electric buses this year and when those are delivered, 90% of its fleet will be electric. ATN provides public transit planning for the city of Anaheim, CA where in a few short weeks the highly popular Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo takes place. Flying into John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana? There’s a new app-based service for the Anaheim region that uses electric van-sized vehicles from GreenPower. Speaking of the ACT Expo, Volta Truck will debut their sleek, all-electric Volta Zero there between May 1-4. The all-electric medium-duty truck is designed for urban logistics

CALSTART’s National Conference takes place at the San Diego Convention Center on Wednesday, May 17 where a large focus will be placed on innovation and technological advancements required to meet ambitious goals like the tailpipe emissions rules announced by the Biden administration today. Registration is open and we invite you to sign up today.




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