NEWSNOTES | February 9, 2022
News Notes

NEWSNOTES | February 9, 2022

NEWSNOTES | February 9, 2022

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 / Kimberly Taylor

If you’ve been wondering about market growth for zero-emission (ZE) trucks, wonder no more. CALSTART is out with a report that says models of ZE trucks have grown 625% since 2019 and today there are 140,000 pending orders for ZE trucks. Of the trucks in the market, over half are in California with 113 in New York and 70 in Texas.

General Motors is adding to market growth as they plan a six-fold increase in 2022 electric truck and SUV production. GM Chief Executive Mary Barra puts delivery numbers for 2022 and 2023 at 400,000 electric vehicles (EVs) in North America.  Ford is talking big sales numbers, too, saying orders have been placed for 10,000-plus E-Transit vans. The company expects that by the end of next year they will have the global capacity to produce 600,000 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) annually.

The innovative SunLine Transit Agency is celebrating the installation of a new liquid hydrogen pump technology and a mobile refueling system which is being piloted to offer hydrogen stations in the form of a mobile trailer. This is a step in their goal of converting all vehicles to zero-emissions by 2035.

GreenPower is no stranger to innovation and the company is expected to add 900 jobs as they open an EV plant in South Charleston, West Virginia. GreenPower President Brendan Riley is partnering with the Workforce Development Board in Kanahaw County to create jobs resulting in EV transit, school and other BEVs to roll off the production line later this year.

ABB EV charging technology has partnered with PACCAR to provide charging solutions to service PACCAR fleet operations across North America and Europe. The partnership enhances the ability for PACCAR to realize efficiency and sustainability goals for their 2,265-dealer network.

CALSTART members Michigan DOT (MDOT) and Israeli-based Electreon have announced a partnership to develop and pilot a wireless inductive charging road system for electric vehicles in the state. MDOT is providing $1.9 million for the project. Sweden, Germany, Italy, and Israel are just some of the countries Electreon has done pilot programs in. Last month they opened their U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles.

It’s CALSTART Policy Summit time and you can still sign up for the virtual event which looks at everything from funding and ports to new frontiers in mobility. Speakers include Hector De La Torre and Liane Randolph, California Air Resources Board Chair Liane Randolph. Special thanks to member sponsors Southern California Edison, Nikola, O’Melveny, Volvo and WattEV. The agenda is available here.




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