NEWSNOTES | December 13, 2023
News Notes

NEWSNOTES | December 13, 2023

NEWSNOTES | December 13, 2023

Wednesday, December 13, 2023 / Kimberly Taylor

Ohio has opened the first EV charging station funded by the 2021 federal infrastructure law. Built by EVgo, the station can charge four vehicles simultaneously up to 80% within 20 to 40 minutes. The station is west of Columbus and includes a partnership with General Motors and Pilot. InCharge Energy is out with a dual Level 2 charger that can simultaneously charge two vehicles at 19.2 kW on both cables. The company say their unique charger is the only available option in North America to offer that capability. When it comes to infrastructure there are many options to choose from. CALSTART member U.S. Energy is in the business of building out infrastructure and they lay out information on how to implement EV infrastructure quickly.  

As the calendar turns to 2024 the rules around the $7,500 federal tax credits for EVs will change. New rules incentivize manufacturers to build and source material for its EVs in the U.S. vs. overseas. Only 10 cars will be eligible for the full $7,500 tax credit. 

Hexagon Purus has entered a deal with Ford Trucks to deliver a complete hydrogen fuel storage system for the development of a hydrogen-powered truck. The F-Max fuel cell electric-powered vehicle (FCEV) is a zero-emission logistics deployment project in which Ford Trucks works to pioneer future transportation solutions. 

The San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) has approved the purchase of up to 108 hydrogen fuel cell electric buses (FCEB) from New Flyer. SamTrans will have 17 battery electric buses (BEBs) operating as part of its fleet by the end of December and will launch the first FCEBs later in the winter. 

The Houston metro region is benefitting from the transit agency Metro’s commitment to sustainability. They recently unveiled its first totally electric bus as well as “FutureLink,” a zero-emissions, wheelchair-accessible autonomous shuttle to connect residents with the city’s existing infrastructure. 

Synop, a New York-based charging and energy management software platform for commercial EVs is thinking about drayage trucks as an entry point for commercial EVs to find their way into the logistics sector. Synop’s customers include Prologis and The Lion Electric Co. 

Mark your calendar and make sure to join us in Sacramento, CA on March 12 for the CALSTART Summit 2024. Registration opens soon and you can find the program here.





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