NEWSNOTES | September 28, 2022
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NEWSNOTES | September 28, 2022

NEWSNOTES | September 28, 2022

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 / Kimberly Taylor

Kudos to Swedish commercial EV startup Volta Trucks which has completed the first test phase of the all-electric Volta Zero in partnership with DB Schenker, their biggest fleet customer. The fleet has pre-ordered nearly 1,500 full electric vehicles. The first vehicle was completed at Volta’s contract manufacturing facility in Steyr, Austria.

GM has announced a partnership with Canadian company Lithion Recycling. The goal of the partnership is to identify a circular ecosystem for recycling EV batteries.

Charging, charging everywhere is the theme of these times and the U.S. Transportation Department announced yesterday that it has approved electric vehicle charging station plans for all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. Earlier this year the Biden Administration allocated $5 billion to states to fund chargers which will cover 75,000 miles of highways.

Stable EV is a charging data analysis platform that uses its proprietary prediction software to analyze data points for prospective charging sites across the country. They have raised $14 million to date. Global EV charging infrastructure company ABB E-mobility has big plans to open an EV charger factory in Columbia, South Carolina. They will spend $4 million to get it running and can produce up to 10,000 EV chargers per year.

Hertz rental-car is looking at making its airport rental car lots EV-charging hubs and to do that they’ve partnered with EV fleet charging operator bp pulse. Amply founder Vic Shao, now president of bp pulse’s U.S. fleet division said “that makes Hertz one of the largest-if not the largest, EV fleet operator in the U.S.”

Nothing says charger help like the company that goes by the name ChargerHelp and Tesla has taken note by partnering with the company. ChargerHelp is an app-based charging platform that provides on-demand repairs and maintenance support from local workforces that will come and service a malfunctioning EV charger in Tesla’s Destination Charger Network.

New York City had set a 2025 goal of having 4,000 EVs in its fleet. Check! The city has met the goal by already replacing 4,050 gas-powered vehicles with zero-emission electric vehicles. The EVs range from garbage trucks and electric vans to electric street sweepers and school buses.

I pre-ordered a book this morning that you might be interested in, particularly if you know a wee one who should learn early about all things EV. The book features Evita (a vehicle) who sets out to explore a world where electric vehicles take center stage.  Ideanomics published the book in celebration of last week’s National Drive Electric Week.  The book is called Are You an EV? and is available at Barnes&Noble, Amazon and Walmart.




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