NEWSNOTES | June 21, 2024
News Notes

NEWSNOTES | June 21, 2024

NEWSNOTES | June 21, 2024

Friday, June 21, 2024 / Kimberly Taylor

CALSTART oversees the Massachusetts Fleet Advisor program which supports the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Thanks to $5 million in federal funding, the program will triple in size. The beneficiaries include small businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities.

Scale Microgrids has signed a non-exclusive partnership agreement with EO Charging, under which the two companies will jointly pursue opportunities to provide EV fleets with rapidly-deployable, holistic charging solutions. Together, the two companies will help trucking and transit fleets accelerate their electrification initiatives. Mullen has a new PowerUP mobile charging platform that offers a zero-emission solution for both the vehicle and the power unit. It can bring up to 1 MWh to anywhere from a job site without a grid connection.

The Bollinger B4 is taking off as Momentum Group has chosen the Class 4 platform that will help Momentum deliver a mobile-charging solution. Momentum has a full-service national fleet program, and mobile or permanent charging infrastructure for EVs. Robert Bollinger founded the company nine years ago in upstate New York.

The Lion Electric Company has announced its final certification for the LionBattery HD, a heavy-duty lithium-ion battery pack for electric trucks. The battery packs will power the Lion8 Tractor and an all-electric Class 8 commercial truck.

Students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools will now have an additional 25 new electric buses thanks to $8.8 million in funding from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The new funding means the County will have a total of around 125 electric buses on the road by 2026. Funds will also include charging stations, and the training of lead mechanics by Blue Bird Academy.