Time to Lead: U.S. EV Battery Leadership Initiative
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Time to Lead: U.S. EV Battery Leadership Initiative

Time to Lead: U.S. EV Battery Leadership Initiative

Thursday, June 24, 2021

CALSTART is excited to launch the EV Battery Leadership Initiative, a nonpartisan advocacy effort to advance the competitiveness of the United States electric vehicle supply chain by securing $10 billion in smart and effective federal policy and investment by the end of the decade. Join CALSTART for an informational webinar to learn more about this new initiative and how your organization can get involved. The EV Battery Leadership Initiative will support national efforts to build public-private technology development partnerships, expand domestic battery component manufacturing, and create clean energy jobs. From mining and processing of critical minerals to fabricating electrodes and electrolytes, the development of battery supply chain manufacturing capabilities establishes economic development opportunities. CALSTART also supports targeted development and upskilling of the manufacturing workforce in regions of the country impacted by the changing energy landscape in response to climate change.

Initial priorities will include:

1. Investment in EV Battery Innovation

2. EV Battery Manufacturing Incentives

3. EV Battery Workforce Development